Buying and sending e-gift cards

How do I use an e-gift card I've bought or received through UGO Wallet?

To use the card, just pull it up in the email you received or in your UGO Wallet and ask the merchant to scan the barcode. If you're making a purchase online, enter the card information.

What should I do if my e-gift card barcode won't scan in store?

Don't worry, you can still use any available balance on that e-gift card! Just ask the cashier to key in the card number and PIN (if there is one) manually.

I sent an e-gift card to my friend but they haven't received anything. What should I do?

Ask your friend to check for an email from UGO Wallet. It may be in a junk folder. If your friend is unable to find the email, double-check the email address you sent the e-gift card to. If the email address is correct but the email still cannot be found, please email UGO Customer Care at and a UGO Pro will help you out.

Are there any limits associated with e-gift card purchases in UGO Wallet?

Per transaction limits may change based on the merchant and are indicated when you choose that merchant in UGO Wallet. Additional limits on the value or number of transactions may also apply.

UGO Wallet basics

What is UGO Wallet?

UGO Wallet is a digital wallet app that allows you to get reward points, and to store and use loyalty, gift, membership, and other cards on your smartphone.

How do I use UGO Wallet?

To watch UGO How To videos on YouTube, click here.

Will UGO Wallet work on my phone?

UGO Wallet is available for download on Android (8.0+) and iOS (11.0 and up).

Which loyalty cards, gift cards and membership cards can I use with UGO Wallet?

You can add any loyalty card (e.g. travel rewards, gas cards) to UGO Wallet and get points on the go. Or, add a gift card and use your balance at retailers. Add any membership card (e.g. gym cards, library cards) as well.

How can I make sure I have the most recent version of the UGO Wallet app?

To ensure you always have the latest version of the app, turn on automatic updates for the App Store or Google Play in the Settings menu of your phone.

I forgot my 5‑digit Passcode and I am locked out. Why? And what do I do?

After 3 failed attempts, you will be locked out of UGO Wallet and prompted to reset your 5‑digit Passcode. You will be prompted to enter your Wallet Password to continue and reset your 5‑digit Passcode.

Do I need to be connected to Wi-Fi or my cellular data network to use UGO Wallet?

If you need to log in to UGO Wallet, you'll need to be connected to either your cellular data network or Wi-Fi to log back in. If you've just minimized UGO Wallet, you can open it again without a data connection at any time.

You need cellular data or Wi-Fi to back up or restore cards.

How can I further protect my account?

You can enable and set a passcode to be entered every time you open UGO Wallet. To enable this feature, tap on My Profile in the bottom right hand corner of the home screen. Then, tap on Login & Security and turn on Enhanced Security.

If you're using an iPhone you can set up Touch ID or Face ID instead of a passcode.

How do I set up Touch ID / Face ID on UGO Wallet?

You can set up Touch ID or Face ID in your phone settings if you have a supported iPhone with the latest version of the UGO Wallet app installed. Once set up on your phone, you can enable Touch ID or Face ID by tapping on My Profile in the bottom right-hand corner of the home screen.

What do I do if my phone is lost?

If your phone is lost, please notify the merchants or providers of cards in your UGO Wallet. You can also email the UGO Customer Care Team at to lock your UGO Wallet. Don't forget to contact your wireless service provider.

How can I organize my cards in UGO Wallet?

Watch a YouTube video demo of how to organize your cards here.

Can I get rid of all of my cards now that they're stored on UGO Wallet?

Don't destroy them! You never know when you may need to reference or use them in the future, so make sure to keep them safe.

How do I remove a card from UGO Wallet?

To remove a card, tap on the three vertical dots located at the top right corner of the home screen and hit Delete Card. Tap on the card you'd like to remove and press Delete.

Are there costs associated with using UGO Wallet?

UGO Wallet does not charge a fee for download or use of the app. Certain features in UGO Wallet require an Internet connection and standard data and text messaging charges from your wireless service provider may apply. Your credit or debit card issuer may impose fees or other charges when you purchase an e-gift card. Please check with your issuer for further information.

If I've qualified for an e-gift card as part of a promotion, how can I claim it?

To claim your e-gift card, tap on the bonus e-gift card message at the top of the home screen, and then hit the Claim button.

Once you've claimed it, the e-gift card will appear in your main UGO Wallet screen, ready for you to use!

If you change smartphones and haven't used the balance yet, your e-gift card will be back in Promo & Offers, waiting for you to claim again. Just follow the instructions above a second time and the same balance will be available on your e-gift card.

How do I back up my cards?

To back up your loyalty, gift, membership, and other cards, tap on My Profile in the bottom right hand corner of the home screen. Then, tap on Backup & Restore, then Back Up.

Backup can take a bit of time, especially if you've got a lot of cards. Remember not to click out of the screen until the backup is complete.

You say that purchases made and information stored in UGO Wallet are backed by bank-grade security. What does that mean?

All e-gift card purchases made in UGO Wallet are processed by The Toronto-Dominion Bank and/or its affiliates ("TD"), and all information saved into the app is stored in a way that meets TD’s information security standards.

How to use loyalty, gift, membership, and other cards with UGO Wallet

How do I add cards to my UGO Wallet?

To add cards to your UGO Wallet, hit the second button of the navigation bar at the bottom of the home screen. Follow the instructions from there!

Why am I getting a barcode error when I scan some of my cards?

We currently support the most common barcode format. What this means is if you try to scan a barcode using a different format, you'll receive an error. If this happens, try manually entering both the card name as well as the card number. We support as many barcode formats as we can and we're working to add new ones.

What is the Other category?

You'll see an Other card section in your UGO Wallet. You can add almost any card from your wallet to the Other category of UGO Wallet, if you'd like to be able to scan the digital barcode later or if you want to keep a digital copy as a backup for your convenience. Be careful not to add any government-issued ID (such as driver's licence, health card, passport, SIN card, etc.) and make sure the applicable store or organization will accept your digital version of the card.


How do I enter the code for my organization?

If you are new to UGO Wallet, you'll be able to enter the code when you register after you enter your name and email address. Look for the Fundraising Code field.

If you're already a UGO Wallet customer, go to My Profile (the icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the home screen), then Promos & Offers. Enter the code in the box at the top of the screen.

How can I make sure that my e-gift card purchases are resulting in a contribution to my organization?

If you're registered with a fundraising program, you'll see a confirmation banner at the top of your home screen. Open up your UGO Wallet to check for that banner! If you don't have it, try re-entering your code.

Are there any costs to participate, for an organization or its supporters?

UGO Wallet does not charge organizations or their supporters for fundraising, and if you buy an e-gift card as part of a fundraising program, you'll get the full face value of that card.

You may want to check with your financial institution to see if they charge any transaction fees.

Still have questions?

If you have a specific question about UGO Wallet, you can email us directly at for any customer care inquiries.

For any card account-related questions, please call the merchant or card provider.